Commercial Outdoor Bike Parking

At Steadyrack we have developed a range of products to cater for all types of bikes. You can mix and match the racks depending on the type of bikes being parked in each installation. Please contact us if you need advice on how to choose the best racks for your project and we also have some suggested combinations of product based on the significant number of projects we have completed.

Our Products

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Cafe | Fremantle, Western Australia
Gesha Cafe

GESHA's flagship café where the company started is located in the port city of Fremantle, Western Australia. It is very popular with the local cycling community and has utilised Steadyrack bike parking to maximise their bike parking offering and increase business.

Apartment Complex, Fremantle, Western Australia
LIV Apartments

Located in the revitalized East End of historical Fremantle, LIV apartments needed a quality outdoor bike parking option to match their high-end apartments inside. Naturally, they looked no further than another local brand in Steadyrack.

Restaurant | Fremantle, Western Australia
Riverton Bar & Grill

A restaurant with quality bike parking to encourage people to travel safely to and from a great meal? Sounds like a winner! We installed custom outside bike parking for this bar and grill to give customers another great way to get to and from this restaurant.