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Steadyracks make efficient use of your commercial space allowing people to easily load and unload their bikes. Our racks pivot up to 160 degrees, fold towards the wall and protect bikes from damaging other bikes, cars and items in the vicinity. No other product on the market can boast all of these features.


Save significant space and easy to use

When designing parking for bikes, the most space efficient option is a vertical wall or a frame mounted system.

Steadyrack bike racks use a pushing and pulling action, as opposed to lifting vertically. When combined with the patented pivot design, this enables designers to park more bikes in much less space.

Architects, designers and planners are acknowledging the benefits and features of Steadyrack.

They know that building owners and managers, along with their tenants are seeking solutions that provide space efficient and user-friendly bike parking. Steadyrack provides more bike parking per square metre of space than any other system and the bike riding community is happy because they’re easy to use and it protects their bikes.

Steadyrack is also suitable whether designing for a new building or retrofitting an existing one.


Bike Parking Standards and Regulations

Our suggested spacing guides and mounting heights within our Design Guidelines contain information and recommendations that help to optimise the available space for your installation. Every country and city has specific requirements that may differ from ours. We recommend you check the standards or regulations for bike parking in your country and location to ensure your designs comply.

Space Saving

Steadyrack’s revolutionary design saves more of your valuable floor space. Steadyrack bike racks can be mounted to virtually any wall and will conveniently swivel up to 160 degrees, from side to side. Steadyracks can be installed as close as 350mm apart and due to the swivel action, can be overlapped. When the rack is empty, the arm simply folds away.

No Lifting

Our racks are loved by bike riders because there is no lifting required. The Steadyrack works using a pushing and pulling action to load and unload bikes, making it suitable for people of all ages, capabilities and strengths. Suitable for e-bikes, road bikes, and bikes with or without fenders.

Protect your Bike

Steadyrack bike racks cradle the bike by the front tyre, minimizing the risk of damage to the bike from contact with steel components. The tyre supports the bike's weight and there is no damage to wheels or rims.

Built to last

The Steadyrack range is suitable for bikes of all sizes, even those with tyres as wide as 5 inches can be supported safely and securely. Steadyrack bike racks will also support bikes with fenders and mudguards, making it an extremely versatile solution for your bike parking requirements. Made from steel and UV treated plastic, our racks are strong and built to last.

Easy to use

Our no-lift design means bikes don't need to be juggled into the air to be loaded in the rack. Users can simply roll their bike in and out of the Steadyrack on the back wheel. Bikes wont swing around or easily dislodge minimizing damage or accidents.

Safe, Secure & Lockable

Bikes fit snugly into Steadyrack, there is virtually no risk of bikes falling over or falling out of the Steadyrack. This makes them safer to use and minimizes the chance of injury to users. Bikes can be securely locked to our racks using conventional chain or D type locks. The racks fold closed when not in use.

Indoor Bike Parking

Offering a safe, secure, accessible and easy-to-use bike parking solution to cyclists will ensure a bike friendly destination for those in the community who use their bikes as a preferred method of transport. There are Steadyrack bike parking facilities around the globe in commercial spaces as varied as; museums, End-of-Trip (EoT) facilities, cafes, apartment buildings, Government buildings, hospitals, Google, Apple and Facebook. Check out our Steadyrack Gallery, featuring commercial and personal installations from all over the world.


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Outdoor Bike Parking

Our range of outdoor products are robust, vandal resistant and secure enabling users to have peace of mind and lock their bikes safely into the racks. They are manufactured from high grade stainless steel or powder coated materials specifically for outdoor use.

Our outdoor racks are perfect for situations where the parking is exposed to the elements and you need a compact space saving solution, they are rust resistant and require little or no maintenance and cater for a wide variety of the most commonly used bikes.


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