Bike Stands vs. Vertical Wall Racks

Free Standing Bike Racks for the Garage, Home or Apartment

Our freestanding bike rack stands allow riders around the world to easily and effortlessly secure their bikes safely off the floor, and in almost any space up on any wall. Our Steadyrack wall mounted bike stands are ideal if you’re wanting to save space in your home, garage, apartment, on your balcony, or just about anywhere where space is limited! Designed for a range of bikes including road bikes, fat bikes, hybrids, mountain bikes and more, there’s a Steadyrack bike stand for just about every bike available. Find out more about how our bike storage rack stand works here.

Steadyrack’s Freestanding Bike Racks Take Your Storage Needs to New Heights

Our upright bicycle stands are a unique, patented bike storage solution. The Steadyrack is easy to use and easy to load and unload. Unlike traditional bike stands on the floor, Steadyrack’s rotating features allow them to be used as a vertical freestanding bike rack, ideal for saving space and storage in your home, apartment, garage, on the balcony, or just about anywhere!

Which Bike Stand Is Right for My Bike?

Our bicycle rack stands are easy to install in your garage or home and don’t require any heavy lifting, which means they’re safe to use. They also feature a unique 160-degree pivot which allows for accessibility in tight spaces and efficient storage, no matter where you install them.


Yes – all five of our racks pivot up to 160 degrees, to the left and right, making it easy to access your bike when you go for a ride.

With a Steadyrack, there is no need to lift or juggle your bikes. Just balance your bike on the back wheel, push it in and allow the rack to do the lifting. An easy motion suitable for people of all ages and strengths.

Steadyrack’s revolutionary design allows you to store your bike upright, off the floor and saves more of your valuable floor space. When the bike rack is empty, the arms simply fold away.

Yes, you can lock your bikes into our racks with a D-Lock or Chain lock. This is sufficient to prevent opportunist theft and adequate if your bikes are stored in a private carpark. If your bikes are in a location fully accessible to the public, we recommend installing ourLock Bracketor a steel rail to the wall underneath the rack to attach a locking device to. As with everything, take caution when storing your bike in a public place, as professional thieves can generally get around any locking system.

Our Bicycle Racks Are Preferred by these World Leading Brands