Save Space with Steadyrack's Folding Bike Rack Abilities

Looking for a vertical bike rack? How about one that pivots 160°? What if it could fold against the wall when not in use too? Sound too good to be true? A Steadyrack does all that and more! The ultimate space saving, foldable bike storage solution is waiting for you.

Not only does a Steadyrack look great with a bike in it, but it also folds to an almost flat position when not in use – making it the perfect addition to any garage, shed or load bearing wall. Many retractable bike racks claim to be space saving, but they take up just as much space when not in use. That’s not the case with Steadyrack! The unique pivoting feature means you can store multiple bikes closer together, and the folding arms make sure the space saving continues when the bike is removed.

Steadyrack’s Folding Wall Bike Rack Will Keep Your Bike Completely Safe and Out of the Way

Are you always bumping into inanimate objects? Trying to clean the garage without bumping your head or tripping on an empty bike rack? Simply fold the Steadyrack against the wall, safe and out of the way – ready to be unfolded after the cycle home. Your bike rack shouldn’t take up your whole room, it should be functional and stylish when holding a bike, and out of the way when not in use.

A Steadyrack allows you to get your bike off the floor and onto the wall, freeing up valuable floor space for other essentials. Vertical storage is a great way to maximise your space. Fold, pivot and store your bike easily in a Steadyrack without taking up much needed floor space. Plus, you can use your bikes as an art installation, win-win.

The folding feature of the Steadyrack makes it easy to save even more space. They look pretty great too! When the Steadyrack isn’t being used, folding it against the wall creates more space for anything else you’d like to store.

No matter the type of bike you have, we have a Steadyrack folding bike rack to suit your needs!