3 Tips To Help You Choose The Right Bike Rack

When was the last time you cleaned up your garage or home? If you can't remember, then it's probably been too long, which means you could be well overdue for a Spring clean. Thankfully, we've come up with a nifty product that will not only help you better organise the bikes in your home or garage, but will also free up a whole lot of space you probably didn't even realise you had.

Why do I need a vertical bike rack?

Where do you currently store your bikes? Take a moment to think about this. Are they lying on the floor, awkwardly placed in the hallway or tied up on the ceiling of your garage? If you own a bike (or often fall victim to your family's bikes) it might be time to put these babies in their rightful place - and no, this doesn't necessarily mean banishing them into the backyard. As much as you might enjoy running into your bikes every morning when you're rushing to leave for work, there's actually a better way to store them... And this way comes in the form of a Steadyrack vertical bike rack.

Important steps before choosing your rack.

When choosing the right bicycle racks for your home, it's important to consider these three points:
  • Where do you plan to store your bikes? For example, in the living room/spare room/bike room or in the garage/storage room.
  • How much wall space do you have? For example, this will determine how many racks you can fit on that wall. We recommend spacing our racks at a minimum of 350mm apart. Alternatively, you might want to check out our spacing guide on this page.
  • How many (and what type of) bikes do I need to store? This will help you determine how many racks you need and which type of rack.

Which bike racks do I need?

After you've gone through the above points and know how many bikes you have and where you want to store them, it's time to get shopping. Put simply, we have three types of bike racks designed to suit a range of bicycles from fat tyres to narrow road wheels. To determine which bike rack is right for you, we put together this guide which takes you through the two most important bike measurements you'll need to find your most suitable rack; your tyre width and wheel diameter. Another measurement you may need (if you have an aero or time trial bike) is the distance between your down tube and front tyre. If this measurement is <10mm you should choose a Fender Rack (not a Classic Rack) as the rubber end will slot between this space. For your reference, here are the dimensions associated with each of our vertical bike racks.

Calculator Page - BIKE RACK MEASUREMENTSClassic Rack

  • Wheel Diameter: 20 - 29"
  • Maximum Tyre Width: 2.4"
  • Not suitable for bikes with fenders/mud guards.

Fender Rack

  • Wheel Diameter: 20 - 29"
  • Maximum Tyre Width: 2.4"
  • Suitable for bikes with fenders/mud guards.

Fat Rack

  • Wheel Diameter: 25 - 32"
  • Maximum Tyre Width: 2.4 - 5"
  • Not suitable for bikes with fenders/mud guards.

Ready to get started?

If it's about time you sorted out your bikes then don't wait any longer. To make your Steadyrack vertical bike rack order, head over to our Shop Products page and get shopping! We offer free shipping to a wide range of countries and regions world-wide as well as a discount (automatically applied at the checkout) for orders of four or more racks.