Selecting and installing the vertical bike storage rack that’s right for you

What to consider when selecting a vertical wall rack

Now that you’re ready to show your bike some love by matching it with the perfect vertical storage solution, you’ll discover that storing your bike indoors with a Steadyrack presents a combination of space saving function with a sleek and stylish form that compliments practically any space.

This includes garages, boats, sheds, apartments, man caves and balconies (even though we recommend storing the bikes inside, away from the elements).

Whether you're storing one of your bikes, many of your bikes or bikes for the whole family, our range of bike storage racks are built to last, easy to use, require no lifting and most importantly space saving.

Bikes with fenders or mudguards, mountain bikes, road bikes, street bikes and even e-bikes are all compatible with our *Steadyracks.

We realise that there’s more to simply relocating bikes from the floor or leaning against the wall in the hallway, to save space and our patented racks take the space saving to the next level.

All of our racks swivel almost 180 degrees from side to side, allowing for maximum space saving and safety.

How to install your new vertical bike rack

Installing your new vertical bike rack properly is key for optimising Steadyrack’s space saving features and maximising the storage capacity of your chosen space. We recommend that you measure each of your bikes and mount the racks accordingly, using our installation instructions or by watching our installation video This will ensure that they are easy to use for all of the bike owners.

It is possible to mount your racks at the same height, when the bikes are a similar length. For example, if your bikes vary between 100-150mm or 4 -6 inches in length you can mount them all at the same height, so that they’ll look neater on the wall. Simply work to the longest bike when setting your mounting heights.

Check all your bikes first as you may need to group them together based on their length, placing all your road bikes at one height and all your MTB’s at the other.

When considering the spacing between each rack, leave enough room to consider the width of the pedals and handlebars, so that when storing and removing your bike, it doesn’t touch or scratch another one. You may want to consider staggering the racks if you are more limited in space.

If your install is for multiple family members, you can assign a different rack for up to rack five others, with our range of coloured End Caps. With five different colours to choose from, you can customise your Steadyrack bike storage rack and further complement your home, work space, office or garage.

Love your bike
Whether you’re a novice, a week day commuter or a full-on cycling enthusiast the better you treat your bike, the better it will treat you. Having now installed the right Steadyrack for your bike, you can enjoy more space, ease of storage without any lifting with a vertical wall rack that’s built to last.

If you want to show off your new sleek and easy to access bike storage, share your pics with us on our social pages or send them in to us and we’ll upload them for you.

If you see any of our racks out and about at a café, bike shop or even at your office’s End-of-Trip facility, take a pic and tag us (@steadyrack) on social, we love seeing our racks out in the real world.

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*Our Classic, MTB and Fat racks can hold/support bikes up to 35kgs and our Fender Rack can accommodate bikes up to 25kgs.